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Avail from us a reliable assortment of Whey Protein, Mass Gainer Powder, Mass Weight Gainer Powder, Mass Gainer Pre Workout, Fat Burner, and more without any worry!

Who We Are

Striving to come up with innovative products in the domain of health supplements, we, Nector Foods Pvt. Ltd., are a well reliable entity. Our company is here to resolve the misunderstanding of Indian society about health supplements, and make people realize that healthcare supplements work as an alternate source of food. Available in the form of capsules or powder, these ensure an easy way of consuming nutrients like protein/ carbohydrates needed for optimal muscles and body growth. Incepted in 2015, we are a promising manufacturer and supplier offering Whey Protein, Mass Gainer Powder, Mass Weight Gainer Powder, Mass Gainer Pre Workout, Fat Burner, and more.

The main mission and motivation of our company is to develop most premium fitness/health supplement products that are 100% safe, result oriented and reasonably priced.

Manufacturing Proteins/ Health Supplements

Whey protein is the liquid left as a by-product of cheese production which is a mix of globular proteins isolated from whey. During cheese production, whey is a left over product when milk is coagulated. Left behind is a solution that contains 5% solution of lactose in water, along with some minerals & lactalbumin.

To undertake complex manufacturing process of supplements, we have next generation production machinery that enable us to fulfill bulk orders in the most sophisticated manner. Our infrastructure is installed with industrial HVAC systems that control air quality as well as temperature in order to ensure suitable conditions for manufacturing of supplements. We are facilitated with:

  • Variable speed rotary compression machines
  • Film & sugar coating equipment
  • State-of-the-art material handling equipment
  • High-output encapsulation machines
  • Comprehensive warehousing facility
Corporate Social Responsibilities

Nector Foods Pvt. Ltd., as a manufacturer, believes that it is essential to understand and implement corporate social responsibility. We not just focus on earning profits and giving job opportunities but also work towards helping the society grow as well as contribute our bit towards environmental protection. We make sure that all our business activities including production process, R&D, etc., do not harm the environment. Minimum wastage, maximum utilization of resources and laws & regulations for manufacturers are the key areas we work upon to keep our environment safe. Besides, we are following sincere & honest company philosophy.